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We can end racism

We share a vision of a world where one's life outcomes are not determined by their skin color, income, zip code, or country of origin. Racial Healing is about practicing liberation, disrupting, redistributing power, expanding our definition of who "belongs," and collectively imagining.

Racial healing is not a process with an end goal of teaching about “diversity” or “implicit bias.” Although we find value in these concepts and believe that institutions should be serious about understanding them, it does not comprehensively or sufficiently address root causes or systems of power that, intentionally and unintentionally, produce racial inequities. We know that "race" is an idea that has been created to benefit a narrow few while separating and harming the rest of us. This also means that "race" is an idea that can be undone.

The Racial Healing Project's mission is to support groups, organizations, and institutions in eliminating outcomes that are determined by race. We began this work 13 years ago in partnership with child welfare organizations to reduce racial disproportionality and disparity. However, the need to examine race-based disparities in sectors such as education, legal systems, and housing, among others, is overwhelmingly apparent. Our team has supported non-profits, government agencies, and private companies in deepening their commitment to racial equity.

We work with organizations that want to build more equitable hiring practices, implement a framework that rejects racism and white supremacy, understand racialized outcomes within their field, or ensure that everyone in their organization feels a sense of belonging. Let us help you achieve these goals.

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